Proposal Argument

Proposal Argument

Proposal Argument

This essay will explore the tobacco smoking process through the arguments of individuals that support smoking and those that oppose the process. Thus, this Toulmin based argument essay will explore tobacco smoking with arguments for either side; then, with evidence provision as means of strengthening the arguments. Smoking is addictive and unfortunately been around for many centuries. Individuals that start smoking find it difficult to quit the addictive process especially if they have had health problems related to their habit.

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Unfortunately, the high numbers of tobacco smokers translates to high numbers of respiratory infections that are recorded by health care institutions all over the country and in the world. Opponents of tobacco smoking feel strongly against the practice because it is preventable; and therefore likelihood of better health outcomes in relation to tobacco smoking in the world.

Audrain-McGovern, J. and Benowitz, NL. Cigarette Smoking, Nicotine, and Body Weight.
Clinical Pharmacology. Jul; 90(1): 164–168.2011. doi: 10.1038/clpt.2011.105

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