Propaganda and censorship

Propaganda and censorship

Propaganda and censorship

Propaganda involves feeding of the public or individuals with information so as to shape up their opinion. The information presented is usually appealing to the emotions of the target group. Propaganda may be pass in the form of text, messages, posters, mass media and even print media among other avenues.

It aims at providing some sentiments about issues affecting individuals in the contemporary world. However, after such an event is over, such information is perceive as being stereotypical and also discriminating. For example during the war, such as World War I, the countries used to boil up hatred and spite against their enemies. The aim was to gain support to go to war with such a country and also justify the use of public resources and manpower to wage such a war.

On the other hand, censorship involves the filtering and controlling of information that reach the public or a group of people. It is, however, a delicate issue in most democratic countries such as the United States. This is because it may be interpret as the denial of the people’s fundamental rights.

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It is so as to protect such information from leaking to the enemy. If not well done in democracies, it may send the wrong message as if the government is lying to the public or luring them to an unknown place. It is also used to protect the confidence of the people and also those at war. For example in a war, the public may not be given the exact number of casualties that such war causes so as not to lose the public confidence.

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