Promotion Plan for fictitious product

Promotion Plan for fictitious product

Promotion Plan for fictitious product

The reasoning behind the streetlights in every city and state is different. There is a rising number in the pedestrian accidents that occur along the streets in major towns and cities in the country. People blame it on the overestimating the time indicated on the street light timer. A rise in accident numbers has led to a need for fast measures to install additional street light countdown timers for yellow lights. The promotional plan is entailed to bring into light a new street light countdown timer for the yellow light that will effectively reduce the number of accidents to restore safety and security in road use and traffic control.

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The signal in the timer is designed to increase the safety of a pedestrian and driver by showing the seconds remaining for signals to change.  The yellow light shines brightly and clearly to ensure that the road and street users are sure of its accuracy. The product will help the towns and cities in the long term. Despite the threat of tough competition, Shen is a high quality product with strong benefits to the users. The adoption of this product will promote safety and decrease pedestrian accidents on the streets and roads.

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