Promotion and hiring legislation

Promotion and hiring legislation

Promotion and hiring legislation

When employers need more workers, they advertise for the specific vacancies they have. They list all the qualifications the applicants need to have attained in addition to other requirements they need to have met. They do this so as the applicants or candidates can fill in how they are qualified for that position that is vacant. Through this, the employers also avoid any form of discrimination or possible improper actions in the process of hiring and promotions. This is because they have to follow some legislations that protect the candidates from discrimination.

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This act prevents discrimination in areas of recruitment and selection of new employees, training, discipline and grievances, payment and countering harassment and bullying. An advantage exists in the fact that every candidate is legible for a position regardless of their gender. A limitation comes in where an employer needs a candidate of a specific gender; may be because of the type of vacancy in the company would need a more handy personnel hence will require a man (Acas, 2010).


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