Promoting Multiculturalism in Campuses

Promoting Multiculturalism in Campuses

Promoting Multiculturalism in Campuses.

Promoting Multiculturalism in Campuses: In this world, people have different practices and activities that can give away their origin, beliefs or where they live. All these different practices are brought about by diversification of one’s culture and their beliefs (Phillips, 2008).

There has been a lot of contention in defining culture ever since the 18th century, and a proper definition that would make all the parties involved have not been arrived at (Kuper, 2000).

This is because; in the past the term culture was used mostly by scientist in reference to ones development, or betterment of their day to day activities. It was especially used in reference with one’s improvement especially on educational developments in bringing about innovative nationalistic ideas, and hence the emergences of words like horticulture and agriculture (Kuper, 2000).

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strict policies of dealing with parties who may show a negative attitude towards the spirit of multiculturalism. These policies are supposed to assure every student that regardless of their race, color, age, gender, creed or any other cultural trait; they are in an open-minded place where the primary goal is supposed to be education.

In order to achieve the same, different strategies of getting students from different diversities like societies and clubs are necessary in any learning institution.

In achieving these strategies, methods like different cultural cook outs and cultural dances among other co-curricular activities are healthy in achieving the spirit of multiculturalism.


Brislin, R. W. (2008). Working with cultural differences: Dealing effectively with diversity in the workplace. Westport, Conn: Praeger.

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