Project teams

Project teams

Project teams

Project teams are currently playing increasingly significant role in most successful projects. To accomplish this, building an effective team is the starting point of the team’s existence. Many traditional organizations are implementing a team based approach to respond to the needs of a shifting global market. The project leader plays an important role that carries responsibilities to control and develop dedication and commitment of each team member.

It is essential for the project manager to have sufficient knowledge to supervise teams as it is a multifaceted mix of human resources and skills, management, process facilitation and technical understanding.

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On the other hand, teams are collaborative units of people joined together to achieve a common goal. Teams have been differently defined; however, most definitions have common ideas. Biech, E. (2001) defines a team as a group of people pooling their talents, knowledge and their skills to attain a certain objective.

Katzen-bach and Smith (1997) defines a team as a group of people dedicated to something bigger than them that they will not be deprived of.

Biech, E. (2001). The Pfeiffer book of successful team building tools: Best of the Annuals. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer.

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