Project Motor Cycles

Project Motor Cycles

Project Motor Cycles.

Project Motor Cycles: A medium sized company which currently manufactures middle class motor cycle cruisers which have a capacity of 500 to 1000 cubic centimeters (cc) is interested in manufacturing of larger touring class motor cycles.

The company has appointed a project manager who will see that the target and objectives of the company are meet. He will be required to create programs that will be geared towards achieving the stipulated goals.

As the project manager, I have selected the Project Management Organizational structure that includes the overall duties and responsibilities of each member of the company involved in the project plan.

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Transactional leaders make their rules that must be followe by their minors. Renovation leadership- Renovative leaders usually claim to have the ability to forecast on the project’s future that will persuade and alter followers.

Oppressive leadership- These kinds of leaders make decisions without asking other people for views. They don’t easily change their minds. This type of leadership is no healthy as it can encourage project dictatorship in an organization.

Democratic leadership- Democratic leaders are usually selecte by either opinion or voting by the members in carrying out project decisions. This leadership style is healthy for a project because it is based on the choice of the people.

In communication- .Effective communication in a project involves a fluent communication process and skills in a project. An efficient communication system allows information transfer between Project executive sponsors, team members and project clients.


Englund, R. L. (2006). Project sponsorship. Jossey Bans. San Francisco: USA.

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