Project IV- Communications

Project IV- Communications

Project IV- Communications

It is essential for the managers of the company and store owners to use a training manual that can assist in selling of the ladies accessories. Since the company sends its customers to the stores, it is essential to develop a training manual in which store owners can use to train their salespeople to sell more of the products. It is critical that store owners to employ good and talented salespersons capable of selling the products efficiently.

The salespersons should look impressive to attract more customers. Since they will be selling ladies accessories, it is crucial for salesperson to look elegant.

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They should set good examples to customers, so that they would be motivated to look like them. The physical outlook of salespersons can attract customers to buy products so they can acquire a similar look.

The other important aspect to consider is providing valuable information related to the products. The information on ladies accessories should be appealing to customers. They should be able to explain to their customers the benefits of these accessories and how they should be worn. This should be based on what customers value most. It is essential to give full details on the accessories availed in the stores. For instance, they need to inform the customers that the accessories are of great quality, are unique, and most importantly fashionable.

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