Program Development Plan for TPCP

Evaluation of the tobacco prevention and control program in Texas

Program Development Plan for TPCP.

Program Development Plan for TPCP: The Texas Tobacco Prevention and Control Program (TPCP) was established by the Texas Department of Health (TDH)  with the core mandate of fighting tobacco use in the state of Texas.

The Vision of the TPCP is “A Tobacco-Free Texas” The Mission of the TPCP is reducing health effects and the economic toll that tobacco may have placed on the citizens of Texas.

MacDonald et al have posited that the planning process of every program would call for an in-depth analysis of the stakeholders in the state of Texas. These stakeholders may be divide into three categories.

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In selecting the most appropriate partners, the best strategy would be evaluating each stakeholder in terms of their objectives, those whose objectives compliment with those of the TPCP would be prioritized.

The next strategy would be to involve the stakeholders in the management process; this would guarantee their, maximum contribution to the program. Stakeholders should own the program because without their support, the program may be ignore, resisted, criticized or even sabotaged.

Daniel (2007) identifies several sources of evidence in the project planning framework. At the stakeholder evaluation stage, evidence about the stakeholders might be obtaine. From the relationship between socio-demographics, service use, and health risks. For instance, one would establish who is at risk of smocking disorders? Another evidence would be national, state or local health data, or through the analysis of community context.


Daniela, S., & Garstin, D. (2007). Using Situational Assessment and Identifying Priority

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