Profile someone you know

Profile someone you know

Profile someone you know

Miss Jones, my English teacher in elementary school is one unique and outgoing person I will always admire. Arguably, the majority of the people have at least one teacher that played a significant role in their lives and left a great influence on their personality. Miss Jones is a good example. She is a heroin whose remarks influenced my path. Last Friday, I interviewed Miss Jones after meeting her in my favorite restaurant in our hood. As the philosophers said, there is nothing more valuable than words of appreciation

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Instead, it is a measure of the impact one has on other people’s lives. Serving for close to thirty years in education and child development, Miss Jones is icon and a champion in the making. As a dedicated individual, Miss Jones is an example many should emulate. In my opinion, Miss Jones is the most outgoing, selfless, and caring person I have known. Through her, I have learnt important aspects in life and I trust that she inspires many as well.

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