Professional development seminar

Professional development seminar

Professional development seminar

Computer crime refers to a very extensive category of misdemeanors. A number of them are the similar to non-computer offenses, for instance, fraud or larceny, with the exception that the Internet or a computer is utilizes in the crime’s commissioning. Others, for instance, many forms of hacking, are uniquely related to computers (Wall, 2012). At the organizational level, computer crime can involve the customer databases’ hacking and intellectual property theft. A lot of users think they may protect themselves, their PCs, and their accounts with just anti-virus and anti-spyware software.

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As the electronics world becomes progressively more advanced, cyber criminals carry on to find fresh ways of hunting down and robbing people’s identity. By upping their game, computer criminals manage to steal ones identity and utilize it in means that would frighten people more than even (Brenner, 2010). In today’s society a computer criminal may be snooping around ones PC at any time, aiming to set deceptions of capturing one’s personal information and identity.

Brenner, S. W. (2010). Cybercrime: Criminal threats from cyberspace. Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger.

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