Professional communication Cultural sensitivity

Professional communication Cultural sensitivity

Professional communication Cultural sensitivity.

Professional communication Cultural sensitivity: Professional communication in the healthcare department is essential because the healthcare provider should be able to provide information that improves a patient’s understanding.

Clinicians who recognize their patients’ cultural beliefs, practices, and values are more likely to receive positive communications with their patients, providing culturally acknowledged care (Hills, 2013).

This paper focus on the article about the cultural experiences of families and women in the Latino population and how they are relevant to health promotion. It will discuss how these beliefs are a reason for healthcare providers to consider learning ways of coping with a Latino patient’s belief while providing services.

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may influence the patient’s appearance and behavior. These norms may come in different forms of eye contact, touching, birth customs, among others. Understanding these norms will help the nurse to show respect to the patient, thus, promoting cultural sensitivity.

In conclusion, understanding of the cultural issues influencing the Latino patient’s habit goes beyond their character. Although Latino culture are consistent with social and family expectations, other situations may cause societal pressures that create tension. Cultural sensitivity in communication is crucial on a patient’s preference to receive medical care.

Healthcare providers which include nurses may sometimes facilitate communication that will influence the patient to adhere to medical rules, but they sometimes expose the patient to health risks due to the lack of proper professional communication which might cause cultural insensitivity.


Hill, S. S., & Howlett, H. A. (2013). Success in practical/vocational nursing: From student to leader. St. Louis, Mo: Elsevier.

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