Product design and product selection

Product design and product selection

Product design and product selection

This paper aims to analyze the product life cycle of Apple iPad in the American market. The product is a type of computer tablet that has multi-touch interactions with most forms of media. The paper will analyze the product at its various stages of development though it is still new in the market.

The paper will consider the primary and secondary market segment during the product’s development stages. Apple has tirelessly worked hard on innovation and discoveries and it is believed that iPad will gain a worldwide standard in the shortest time possible.

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Apparently, this is the longest stage and still more sales should be expected. Providing high quality products by companies in the market is inevitable if a company wants to remain competitive (Cusumano, 2010). Apple iPad is expected to be successful based on the distinctiveness of the product and the advertisement campaign

Cusumano, M. A. (2010). Staying Power: Six Enduring Principles for Managing Strategy and and applications. New York: Birkhauser.

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