Problems associated with global warming and proposed solutions

Problems associated with global warming and proposed solutions

Problems associated with global warming and proposed solutions.

Problems associated with global warming and proposed solutions: Global Warming is the increase of the Earth’s average surface temperature. This due to the effect of greenhouse gases which include carbon dioxide emissions, a result of deforestation or burning fossil fuels, these emissions trap heat on Earth. This is in essence greenhouse effect (Global Warming FAQ).

The Earth’s climate is greatly influenced by the miles of atmosphere containing most of the matter that make up the atmosphere. This is a very thin layer. If viewed from space, the significant part of Earth’s atmosphere would be as thick as onion skin.

This makes it possible to suggest that humans can in fact change the climate. The amount of greenhouse gases spewed into the atmosphere, makes it even more possible (Global Warming FAQ).

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The proposed solution here is wind power which can make substantial cuts in these emissions in the short term, as the increased use of high efficiency natural gas generation and also energy efficiency (Global Warming FAQ).

This potential impact of efficiency should not be underestimated evidenced by a report filed in 1991 by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences to Congress. The report showed that the U.S. could reduce the reported emissions by 50% at no cost to the economy as a result of full use of cost effective efficiency improvements (Global Warming FAQ).

Global warming is here to stay if not acted on without complacency. Global warming education should be implemented in school systems so that younger generations can learn the impacts of their actions in increasing global warming so to effectively cultivate a culture that is more responsible leading to the ultimately eradication of global warming.


Global Warming FAQ.

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