Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Problem Solving: Problems are part and parcel of everyday human life. It has been said that happiness is not the absence of problems but is the ability to deal with said problems. It is for this reason that mankind should, may, must find ways to deal with and/or solve daily problems. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of all time is quoted as having claimed that had he an hour to save the world, he would use fifty five minutes of said hour defending the problem.

Albert Einstein is one of many minds that lays emphasis on definition and understanding of a problem as key in the problem solving process. This paper will describe a basic problem solving process and apply it to a dilemma.

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The final part is to plan the next course of action. With the potential solution in place, the next step is to decide on a mode of implementation. It would involve having a face-to-face with the potential employer to discuss the possibility of a delayed employment or at least a part-time situation until the final exams are done.

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