Whether private or public, the focus of the capability of any association to survive is around the association’s ability to generate managed and astounding administration
. Increasing turbulence in the public sector has considerable impacts on the ways public area associations react to administration swap.

The primary challenge with early retirement proposals is the difficulty in forecasting which eligible employees will go for an early retirement package. As Cameron observed, it is impossible to predict what critical skills and significant knowledge the organization will lose.

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It is illegal to force someone to stay in an organization. This type of management may lead to negative publicity and costly lawsuits. Therefore, in comparison to the layoffs, early retirement programs are less focused. Low effectiveness of the programs as a downsizing initiative.

If the early retirement proposal was ineffective and very few employees opted for the offering, organization management might still be forced to recourse to layoffs.  Too many people could opt for early retirement programs causing unintended shortfalls in the workforce. Thirdly, the unwanted people may opt for early retirement programs and organizations could lose their most productive and essential employees.

Barker, B. (2006). Rethinking leadership and change: A case study in leadership succession.

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