Privatization of Prisons

The number of prisoners has been increasing constantly in United States especially in the recent past. This has led to overcrowding of prisoners which makes handling of these prisoners a problem due to the large manpower and resources that are required in order to efficiently run the state prisons (Gaes, 2012). This means that the government should embrace and buy into the idea of having private prisons that can also be used in handling prisoners on behalf of the government.

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As it can be seen from the argument above, the advantages are more than the disadvantages, which means if well planned they have some benefits to the government. Instead of adding access to resources on overcrowded prisons, private prisons should be the solution.

Cabral, S., & Saussier, S. (2013). Organizing Prisons through Public-Private Partnerships: a cross-country investigation. BAR-Brazilian Administration Review, 10(1), 100-120.

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