prison system

A prison system is an integral part in the functioning of any society. It is meant to serve as a correctional facility which ensures that unlawful behaviour is corrected. The American prison system has undergone many reforms and changes since the colonial times. During the early times, punishments were severe and they negated the purpose of correcting the behaviour of wrong doers. The prison system in the United States has been adjusted over the years to ensure that it serves its rightful purpose. Although many changes have been made to the prison system, there is still room for advancement to better our correctional facilities. This paper will outline reforms meant to improve the American prison system.

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In conclusion, reforms in the American prison system is integral to the operation of prisons. The reforms ensure that there is no overcrowding in prisons and prison cells are reserved for the intended offenders in the society. Legislation and policies implemented in relation to the prison system should ensure that prisons serve the purpose which they were intended to serve.

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