Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia

Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia

Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia.

Princess Elizabeth of Bohemia: Princess Elizabeth was born on 26th December 1618 at Heidelberg to Palatine Fredrick V and Elizabeth Struart (daughter of King James I of England), as their third born and their eldest daughter.

Accordingly, during her first nine years she was under the care of her grandmother and her paternal auntie-Elizabeth Charlotte in Silesia.  This was mainly because her father lost his throne as the king in Bohemia, his lands and assets in 1620, and he and his wife are force to flee to Germany.

Nevertheless, it is estimated that Elizabeth joined her parents at around 1627 in Holland where they settled while on exile. Later, in 1631 her father dies, and due to the poverty status that her family faced at the time Elizabeth gave up any thought of marrying and

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Lastly, little is known of her publications and article. But many of her works are through the correspondences with Descartes through letters on many of the mentioned philosophical issues.

As such, the only available publications are volumes I, II and II on the correspondence of Elizabeth Straut, Queen of Bohemia that covers mainly her letter between 1632 and 1642.

Thus these are the only existing complete letter that were ever publishe (Akkerman 1-1200).  Therefore, Elizabeth of Bohemia cannot be ignore as a woman philosophy of all time. Due to her reasoned arguments especially with philosophy icons such as Descartes.

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