Preventing Security Breaches

Preventing Security Breaches

Preventing Security Breaches

Preventing Security Breaches:Both small and medium-sized business are continuously targeted by cybercriminals. In fact, David (2013) indicates that about 75 percent of data breaches occur in small, as well as medium-size businesses. Subsequently, security breaches can ultimately cost a business more than just lost business. The same research indicates that about 60 percent of all the small and medium-sized businesses attacked by cybercriminals will eventually close within six months (David , 2013 ). As such, businesses should take measures to secure their data to avoid any loss in case of a cyber-security attack. However, businesses need to realize that such security measures do not take a one-size-fits-all approach.

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Businesses should develop clear and well-planned policies encompassing the use of devices within the premises (David , 2013 ). Such policies also includes the disposal of secure information when it is no longer needed.
All these measures vary across businesses. Therefore, a business must understand its security system thoroughly in order for it to come up with the most suitable measures of reducing crime committed against it.

David , M. (2013 , June 01 ). 10 Ways to Prevent a Data Security Breach. Retrieved from BusinessNewsDaily:

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