Preventing Depression with Exercise and a Healthy diet

Preventing Depression with Exercise and a Healthy diet

Preventing Depression with Exercise and a Healthy diet.

This paper is seeking to dwell into the topic of preventing depression with exercise and a healthy diet. This topic is therefore important because it will seek to address these issues.

Therefore there is a need to look into how depression can be addressed, as this will help reduce cases of suicide and other cases that are often associated with depression. The paper will look into exercise and a healthy diet in a means to solve this.

In the recent past, a lot of reports have been going round in the media of young people committing suicide for one reason or the other. So it got me thinking, what could be the best way to reduce these cases of young people taking their lives.

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coupled with a healthy diet can go a long way in reducing depression in the mind. Does exercise and healthy depression reduce depression? Because the number of people who exercise have very low recorded suicides or rarely go to see a psychologist and get diagnosed for depression.

People might view exercise as difficult thing to do on a regular basis considering the busy schedules that human beings are already involved in. some people might argue that exercises often leave the body weary and this may not be effective as one is supposed to feel rejuvenated when they are fighting depression. Others might also argue that a healthy diet may not be in the reach of everyone due to economic problems.


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