Presentation on ethics

Presentation on ethics

Presentation on ethics.

Presentation on ethics: Ethical theories and principles form the basis to ethical analysis. The theories provide the points of reference to obtain guidance when arriving at a decision. There are different theories and as would be expected, each theory tends to provide an emphasis on different points.

Every theory hence provides some unique guidance in  trying to predict an outcome and what one’s duties to other people entails so that their behaviors can be considered to be ethical.

An ethical theory can only be of use when it is considere with regard to a set of goals which is common (Pojman 456). The common goals that are set to be achieved by a theory are known as ethical principles.

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Abortion is evil based on ethics and religion, if Jesus was not aborte why should people perform abortion? In addition, what happiness is associate with sexual satisfaction and loss of life?

This paper considers abortion to bring unhappiness and can therefore never be judge as a moral act. Kantians views can be misleading in the society if they believe in duties that can lead to loss of life.

Willing sex during abortion is not a right always because there will still be time for that after the baby delivery. According to this paper, the most important thing is to protect the life of the unborn baby and sacrifice the pleasure and happiness of sex.

Work Cited

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