Presentation Critique

Presentation Critique

Presentation Critique.

Presentation Critique: Power point presentation is synonymous with many speakers as they use it for communication.  Inappropriate preparation and presentation of slides will interfere with the speaker’s goal to relay information to his audience.

Therefore, it is essential that it is prepared well.  The following critiques on the speaker’s general presentation will serve to highlight the areas he should continue using in his presentations and areas he should improve on.

The speaker failed to use vocal variety in his voice.  Instead, he used the same pitch of voice throughout his presentation.  This made it hard for the listeners to identify the important points that the speaker wanted them to make note of since he did not stress on them.

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He seemed to really know his way around the computer. And would move from one slide to another with no problem.  The use of technology on his part was thus excellent.

The speaker should try to use vocal variety and vocal fillers in his future presentations.  This will eliminate boredom of audience.  He will also be able to sufficiently prepare his audience for important points in his presentation for them to make note of.

The speaker should also be able to prepare slides according to the amount of time he is given to present.  Therefore, he should ensure he prepares less and brief slides for less time and many slides if he is given sufficient time.  Last but not least, he should use more visuals whenever it best suites his audience for better understanding on their part.

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