Prejudice and stereotyping

Prejudice is an opinion not based on actual experience that is prior to becoming aware of the relevant of a case or person or a group of persons. It is a prejudgment, towards another due to their personal characteristics. They include their gender, social class, religion, race or ethnicity, language, nationality, political opinion, sexuality, age and other personal characteristics. The preconceived ideas may be positive or negative but it should be noted that these are however, usually leaning on the negative.

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Considering the fact that they have the privilege of being in an institution of higher learning, they meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Through the interaction, they will realize that some of those people are not different from them. It is an indication that despite their differences in gender, religion, race, creed, and ethnicity, they have the same capabilities and none is superior to the other. It explains the significance of treating people equally.

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