Predicting violence Potential

Predicting violence Potential

Predicting violence potential

Kruh et al. (2005), in their study examine the relationship between historical and personality factors and their influence on the tendency for violence in juveniles who have been tried as adults. The study was administered on a group of male inmates who had been incarcerated while they were still juveniles. Of the inmates sampled, 88% were African American with the remaining 12 percent comprised of both Hispanics and Caucasians. They were also found to come mostly from lower social economic backgrounds and had education between the rages of 6th and 11th grade (Kruh et al. 2005).

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These special psychopathic factors were found to have some influence on the individual’s patterns of emotional arousal making them more likely to behave violently. This study and the results gathered can be used by a forensic psychology professional to determine the causes of some of the actions an inmate took (Fazel et al. 2012). A forensic psychology professional armed with prior knowledge on inmates psychopathic characteristics can be able to better put in context the reasons why they behaved in a particular manner. This information can then be used by the institutions to plan better and intervene earlier to prevent the occurrence of some violent behavior from certain inmates.

Fazel, S., Singh, J. P., Doll, H., & Grann, M. (2012). Use of risk assessment instruments to predict violence and antisocial behaviour in 73 samples involving 24 827 people: systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ: British Medical Journal, 345.

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