Powerful women

Powerful women

Powerful women

For a long period, women rights have been abused, and women have not been treated like their counterparts. Women have passed through painful experiences in the world, and they don’t have the right or freedom to take part in various activities as men do.

Women are forced to undergo this rite because of culture, which discriminates the rights of women, and they cannot make decisions.

Over a couple of years, powerful women have risen to fight for the rights of their fellow women. Some united to form groups and some have advanced individually. They show a tremendous potential in trying to prove that they too have rights and deserve equal treatment as men. They have also showed their potential through, coming together, coming up with ideas and even fighting for their rights through enacting some laws that will liberate and give them freedom of expression and acceptance in the community.
The Pain and suffering that they undergo during the passage of rites together with the lack of equality in the community is what makes them rise to the occasion to fight for their rights.

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The woman suffers abscesses and pain due to the destruction of the nervous system long after the wound has healed. The conditions under which infibulation is causes shock, hemorrhage and infection. This causes inability to pass urine and swelling as a result of the operation.

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