Power of Fashion and Sociology of Fashion

Power of Fashion and Sociology of Fashion

Power of Fashion and Sociology of Fashion

Fashion is defined initially as the human systemic consumption, production, and institutionalization of uniqueness. It is a cultural phenomenon that assimilates an individual, the culture, and the economy. It is both an ideal and an idea (Nystrom, 1999). In any age, fashion is a reflection of times and what is happening in the culture socially, politically and economically.

For women, short bobs and shorter skirts such as pinafores became fashionable. That would never have been permissible in past decades (Horn, 2011).  There was a particular androgynous look to women’s fashion that copied from men’s clothing copiously.  Designers like Jean Patou and Coco Chanel made came up with sportswear and made them fashionable as well as functional.

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The sociologist Georg Simmel, working on a famous essay published about a century ago, stated that fashion was not only about clothing styles, but also a necessary process that boosted modern life, and consequently it is structuring the psycho-social growth of the contemporary person.

High culture is the elite activities like visual art like sculpture and painting, music and auditory art and other applied art such as architecture, photograph, and design. Concerning fashion inspiration, these ideas and emotions can later undergo a process that can lead to new forms of concepts and incentives, in the scenario of a designer; it could bring a collection idea.

Horn, M. (2011). The second skin. Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

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