Poverty and how it has manifested itself in America

Poverty and how it has manifested itself in America

Poverty and how it has manifested itself in America.

This paper is going to elaborate on poverty and how it has manifested itself in America. The paper is going to begin with a brief introduction on explaining the meaning of poverty and poor and how this can be detected in the society.

This is important as it will help draw the line on where the poverty actually is. After the understanding of poverty, The paper will seek to answer these questions give a brief history of poverty including the great depression.

This is significant, as it will give an understanding of the worst economic situation ever recorded. This will give the paper a benchmark with which to compare its data.

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As has been discussed above, poverty has hit America in levels never recorded before. It still is being experienced in America and chances are poverty will still be around. However, the ways of dealing with poverty will be better than it was done in the earlier days given the invent of technology, use of planes etc.

Poverty in America has been seen to be affecting mostly the African American and the Spanish. The white counterparts are less engulfed in poverty as compared to their “colored” counterparts.

This might be a cause of history since the colored were not economically favored to build wealth and have a background to prosper. This trend is getting better by the day and hopefully it will lead to a balanced America in terms of wealth in the future.


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