Potash as a Mineral Resource

Potash as a Mineral Resource

Potash as a Mineral Resource.

Potash as a Mineral Resource: Potash refers to any form of salts that are mined, and they contain potassium as the main element. It occurs in water soluble forms.

Potash has its origin from the ancient methods used to separate potassium salts by burning and other methods (Zone). A white ash always remained after this method and the term potash emerged (Atlas Products Company of Utah, 1918).

After some time, the term was use to refer to all potassium salts obtained from leaching method. Today potash is found in the earth’s crust since potassium is an abundant element occurring in the earth’s crust.

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There has been a growing demand of potash all over the world. It is unfortunate that only 12 countries engage in potash mining (Phosphate and Potash Institute of Canada., & Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, 1943).

However, research has proved that the posh deposits are very large. Potash mining starte many years ago, and it has never been exhauste (American Potash Institute, 1946). Researchers have not been able to establish the exact number of years the current potash deposits can last (British Sulphur Corporation, 1977).

Most of the potash produce worldwide is mainly use in manufacturing fertilizers. Potash plays a vital role as a plant nutrient. The role of potash as a plant nutrient cannot be replace by any other compound. Up to date there is no available commercial substitute that can replace potassium based fertilizers.


American Potash Institute. (1946). Potash reserves of the United States. Washington, D.C.

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