Postmodern Cultural Application

Postmodern Cultural Application

Postmodern Cultural Application.

Postmodern Cultural Application: Postmodernism is applied in the fields of fiction, architecture, art, philosophy and criticism of culture and literacy. It mostly seems to be a large body of ideas instead of a straight forward concept.

Postmodernism developed from modernism, which took two centuries, and ended around 1950s. The main concepts of postmodernism are reality and knowledge. Reality is a product of the human activities. This also applies to knowledge.

The community on focus within this paper is the South Asian community within Redbridge. They are a highly religious community, minimally seeking external help, except from their leaders in faith. This makes them spiritual towards their problems, creating a barrier in their seeking of help.

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Postmodernism is not a direct concept but more of a collection of ideas with the main concepts being knowledge and reality. Both knowledge and reality are products of human activity.

Knowledge refers to the information gained from cultural and social activities. Reality is the properties of the world, which are an invention of the community. The South Asian community within Redbridge is the ones in focus within this report.

Although they have a history of respecting the medical profession, they did not seek helps when they have problems easily. Some of the two barriers they experienced at this time were their spirituality and unawareness. These can be reduced or overcome using reality and knowledge, the two concepts.


Burt, H. (2011). Art Therapy and Postmodernism: Creative Healing Through a Prism. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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