Positive Psychology therapy

Positive Psychology therapy

Positive Psychology therapy.

Positive Psychology therapy: Economic and social regression continue to dominate and prevail in the US economy since the great period of regression in the 1930s. According to the labor department in the US, there are approximate more than 14 million of people in the population that remain unemployed.

In another case, there are more than 6.3 million people who are working in positions that they don’t like either as a part time worker or as wait for another opportunity.

Notably, in the American society in the recent year there is an increase in the rate of unemployment rate, severe constraint to the government and the depression of prices of houses.

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Personally am not happy and satisfied with my current status that surround my life. I do experience hardship which is related to financial constraint in paying school fees and paying my billing.

However, I engage in activities that me to be happy with my current situation such as participating in soccer. To help me reduce social isolation events which lead to the worsening of the situation. I am also an active member of a group in the school. That was formed to assist people to appreciate their current situation.

Positive psychology is an effective approach in reducing stress and an alternative to traditional methods. Positive psychology can be used to inspire people and assist them to positively think and improve their situation.


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