Positive learning environment

Positive learning environment

Positive learning environment

A positive learning environment between teachers and student is vital in developing a safe learning environment and a stable relationship in the classroom. Teachers have the role of developing a positive learning condition for students through focus on positive interaction

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control rather than a forum to follow school curriculum, school setting and regulations.

According to recent research conducted in the United States schools, educators who apply the technique of creating and maintaining a positive and the affecting learning condition have a tendency of becoming more successful and accomplishing their teaching objectives as compared to educators who stress on disciplinary and authoritative role on students.

This will also reduce students likelihood ton engage in disruptive behavior in a classroom setting. Through establishment of a supportive learning environment, teachers are able to minimize and eliminate challenging conducts among students. Students are involved in classroom activities and have a lower tendency of getting involved in problematic behaviors.

Every event that occurs in an educational institution is controllable, therefore effective teachers can apply their teaching skills to overwhelm managerial challenges prevalent in a classroom setting and reduce disruptive behaviors among students.

In creating a positive learning environment, teachers should consider creating rules and routines with students. This will assist in the development of a conducive learning environment to reduce disruption chances in a classroom.

This enables students to improve their learning skills and reduce the need for students to enquire direction from teachers.

Brewer, S., & Klein, J. D. (2006). Type of positive interdependence and affiliation motive in an

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