Positive Effects of Tobacco Advertisement

Positive Effects of Tobacco Advertisement

Positive Effects of Tobacco Advertisement

Positive Effects of Tobacco Advertisement:It is quite apparent that the dangers of using tobacco are increasingly well known to the majority of people. However, what harm would befall the society if tobacco advertisements were banned entirely? According to different surveys, most people have no idea about the economic and social benefits of the tobacco industry and subsequent advertisements.
The employment opportunities and government revenue derived from tobacco advertisement and tobacco sale boosts our economy. For example, the retired fund that is given to most teachers in the United States comes from the profits made by the tobacco firms.

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With the decline in profits from tobacco due to banned advertising will hurt both the retired teaching staff and the incoming teaching staff. The large sums of money given to charitable firms by tobacco companies help provide shelter and feed the homeless, and support the disadvantage members of the society including the disabled

Tobacco advertisement triggers economic growth, especially by providing both direct and direct jobs. The problem is that people are only concentrating on the negative effects of advertising tobacco, and they fail to see that the tobacco industry contributed greatly to both social and economic aspects of the society.

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