Positive behavioral support plan for Mark

Positive behavioral support plan for Mark

Positive behavioral support plan for Mark.

Positive behavioral support plan for Mark: Reasons for this positive behavioral support plan is because, Mark has been sent to the office for being disruptive during learning times and his poor reading skills and performance in math.

The aim of this plan is to provide Mark with the backing he needs to prosper in his learning. The functional assessment shows that Mark engages in problem behavior with the aim of escaping from situations he considers embarrassing or unpleasant.

It is evident that Mark’s reading skills are lower than that of his peers and when Mark is in a state where his deprived skills are clear to the whole class, Mark is expected to be disrupting.

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he does it during a lesson will also be recorded. The data collected will also consider improvement in his reading skills and also his math problem situation: there will be a weekly assessment of Mark’s curriculum with the aim of ensuring that Mark attain a high grade in math and also push his level of reading to the current grade he is in.

Mark’s progress level will be recorded daily in a special chart where the team members involved in this case study like his mother, tutor and class teacher will monitor his daily progress.

In terms of Mark’s progress, the ongoing system to record the events occurrence setting to be linked to the problem behavior occurrence.


Akin-Little, A. (2009). Behavioral interventions in schools: Evidence-based positive strategies. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

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