Pornography is sexual arousal through introduction or portrayal of sexual subject matter. It is presented in magazines, photographs, sound recording, sculpture, drawing, video, painting, video games and post cards. Pornography is not inclusive of live exhibitions like striptease and sex shows because the term applies to the illustration of the act instead of the act itself. Pornographic actors and pornographic models whose performance is done in films are the main subjects to pornography.

The society considers depictions of sexual nature noxious, immoral and suppressing them under obscenity and other laws. These works are subject to censorship in publication, possession or display.

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Most countries restrict children to access hardcore materials, reducing availability to mail order, sex shops and television channels. In the United States, receiving offensive commercial mail is prohibited.  One may obtain a prohibitory order against all sexually explicit mail or against all mails from a particular person. There are recurring numbers of snuff movies, where murders are filmed for lewd purposes and the police have been unable to find such criminals.

Salman Rushdie a writer and Larry Flynt a pornography producer, argue on the basis that pornography is essential to freedom. Jane Longhurst murder followed the extreme illegal possession illegal in the UK government. Child pornography is criminalized in most countries, with persons being minor until 18 years of age though in some countries the age varies.

H. Mongomery Hyde (1964) A History of Pornography. Page 1-26

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