Population is the overall number of persons living at a similar geographical area and can multiply and give birth to offspring. According to Malthus (Patek, 2006. P76), it have a tendency to outrun the means of survival available. He argued that people are compelled to multiply by a natural powerful impulse that is the male-female attraction. Without any interference to this, population is to increase rapidly. He believed population amplified by multiplication while the resources needed for survival increased gradually and are limited in some degrees. With the population increasing rapidly, there are checks and stabilities in the environment and government run, which control it.

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It has also helped to define the population problem in the world as well as coming with control measures. However, the theory seems to rely so much on human suffering by depicting the poor people as the reason they are poor. It has also depicted slow development of technology use while in fact, has become rapidly used. I think Malthus’ views on positive checks are true. Diseases and disasters such as floods, earthquakes and drought have greatly reduced the human population.However, they have not occurred on a wider large scale; hence the human population is still safe.

Hartmann, B. (1995). Reproductive rights and wrongs: the global politics of population control.50-88.

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