Popular culture in Japan

Popular culture in Japan

Popular culture in Japan.

Popular culture in Japan: Cuteness and Japanese popular culture, why does “cuteness” work? Cuteness works in this Japanese popular culture because it cuts across diversity. That is, it is character merchandising and aura of cuteness (Alison, 2003, P. 382).

This appeals to all gender ranging from kids to adults who have the ability to choose the kind of animal, insect or figure that they relate to.The play word being built on three pillars has also enhanced its cuteness.

That is the  electronic game, the movie and the TV series, and the card game which is applicable to any audience. The amalgamation of all these is what is attribute to as the cuteness (Alison, 2003, p. 383).

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and Japanese creators constituting an international common culture. For example on Japan has been considered as a global power based on their reputation of the producer of high-quality consumer technology, this is no longer the case since its now recognized for what might be called postmodern play aesthetics (Alison, 2003, P. 383).

Most of Japans technology even though has circulated in the world including their own nation, but this concept of global power was emulate in the US.

For example, when an advertisement was made for Pokémon the first movie was opened in the US, it was shown in 3, 000 TV screens in the US as compared to 2,000 in their home country and to add on it was ranked the most watched film that week and making unimaginable sales that was unexpected (Alison, 2003, P. 384)

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