Poor Communication

Poor Communication

Poor Communication

Sociolinguists have for long involved themselves with the task of investigating and learning poor intercultural communication. Hence, they have traced to the deep end on the nature of value systems, dominant ideologies of cultural groups and pervasive configuration of social relation. Such social context dimensions are believe to shape communicative conversations, hence defining their character culturally.

According to Lu & Hsu (2008), intercultural communication will always be an essential precondition for human existence on earth. In this case, culture is the key component that affects communication between communicating parties. Culture has been analyzed independently by different researchers. In addition, according to Cai (2010) culture, refers array of attributes that are possessed by a particular group of people acquired through learning and naturally. Zotzmann (2011) argued that culture is an aspect that influences all activities of human life. Learning is especially important during the use of the three critical variable of communication: non-verbal, verbal communication and perception. It provided a sense of various communication behaviors such as nonverbal communication, spoken and rules that governs how people communicate. The influence of culture on perception determines the structure of the communication, and interpretation of the messages.

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In conclusion, in the modern world, intercultural communication is a necessity. Hence, such development has been boosted by the advancement of technology and science. Therefore, for people of different culture to communicate, they must have knowledge of each other and exercise tolerance on each other.

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