Political Philosophies

Political Philosophies

Political Philosophies.

Political Philosophies: Political theory refers to the study of principles and concepts used by people to describe, evaluate and explain different political occurrences and institutions. In the evaluation of political situations, two different approaches are used i.e. political thought in history, and today’s contemporary political ideologies.

Political theory is believed to have started in Athens together with studies in social systems, history and literature. Chief among its goals is the seeking of justice and the fulfillment of peoples needs both spiritually and materially.

It aims at evaluating the divergent ideologies of justice and a dignified life advanced by scholars and societies. Of importance is the evaluation of past and present regimes that have been see to promote justice and a good life which are important to humanity.

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power. Labor power is what the capitalist buys with wages. The use-value of this is labor, which is unique. By setting the worker to work the expenditure of this labor produced more value than it itself contained.

So the capitalist pays wages equal to the value of the goods and services the worker needs to survive and reproduce the next generation of workers. The cost of labor power is socially decide.

But for this the superior gets a trade good with a peculiar power. The laborer is employe to work for a given length of time and to a given quality for the bourgeois. Generally, a laborer is suppose to work for eight hours everyday.


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