Political Parties in Texas

Political Parties in Texas

Political Parties in Texas

Texas, as explained by Charldean Newell et.al (pg.112) is the second largest state of the 50 U.s states after the state of Alaska and is in the second position among the most populous states of U.S after California. Of the 48 U.S contiguous states, Texas has an area of approximately 268,820 in square miles size and a population of over a number of residents totaling to around 26,600,000 as at 2013. According to Maxwell et.al (pg.119), a political party is a coalition with a broad-based interest and whose major primary goal, objective and purpose are to pursue winning an election.

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Jillson (pg.110) illustrates that the third level of the Temporary Party Organization is the State Level Organization, which it is the level consisting of the delegates to the state. The delegates choose their chair who is the Titular Party Head for a term of two years. The chair of the State Organization performs the role presiding over the committee of the State Executive, he or she handles the statewide requests of candidates on the ballot, calls the order of the state convention and certifies the runoff of election for the primary winners of the state convention.

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