Political ideology

Political ideology

Political ideology

Political ideology is defined as a logical and consistent set of ideas about who ought to rule what principles rulers are obliged to obey and what policies leaders are expected to pursue. To determine whether people have political ideologies can be done in two ways. First is by looking at how often people speak in terms wide political categories of either liberal or conservative categories (Smith 23).

The second way is by measuring the extent to which prediction of a person’s view on one issue can be made by knowing the person’s view on another issue. Political ideology can also be defined as a set of principles that are aimed at establishing or maintaining a certain social system. It is a program whose function is long term and whose principles serve to unify and integrate particular steps into a consistent course.

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The second results of the quiz are of a liberal ideologist. Liberal ideologists believe that individuals are more important than society as a whole. They also hold the belief that people have the right to think for themselves, and this right should not be denied. They also believe in freedom however in absolute terms whereby some deeds are prohibited.

The results are accurate given that the questions revolve around the issues that Americans experiences in their every day’s lives. By taking these quizzes, am in a position to identify my ideological position as a centrist. My centrist ideology originates from my association with politicians and my world’s experience.

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