Political Emails at Work Lead to Employee Removal on page 125 in the Encyclopedia of Ethical Failures.

Senior enlisted leaders are responsible for setting the codes of ethics and core values ion the workplaces. The leaders should lead by examples by adopting the best ethics and codes of conduct possible so that the juniors can have something to emulate. The leaders should not abuse their powers or resources of their offices for personal gains. The leaders should uphold respect and commitment in the line of journey to avoid the collisions with other staff (Lefstein, 2011).

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The public civil servants should render impartial services to the public. They should desist from all activities that portray their political affiliations at all costs. These activities might include, but not limited to addressing political rallies with work resources like uniforms, not using public resources to aid politics, not using government systems to relay information that have political inclinations, and to serve the public regardless of the political affiliations. It is a bleach of cods of conducts and work ethics to take political sides while in public office (Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, 2009). By so doing, it compromises the delivery of service and work environment.

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