Policy-making in the Federal System

Policy-making in the Federal System

 Policy-making in the Federal System

A policy is a statement of principles, goals, purposes and approvals on a specific subject area touching on the wider population. Health care falls in this category and is defined as the provision of protective health care, and management of the ailment. Healthcare is an essential need in a person’s life and it’s vital in a country. In America, there’s the Affordable Care Act widely referred to as Obama Care Policy.

The policy aims to change the structure of provision of health care while at the same time increasing accessibility to more Americans by reducing its cost.  In this essay, am going to describe the Obama Care policy and discuss the history behind its inception. I will explain and evaluate the pros and cons of the Obama care, the federalism issues that emerge due to the act and its effectiveness to the American people.

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 Federalism is a system of governing where the federal and the national government share power between them. The Obama care policy brings about federalism in the health sector making it the focus all groups of people each with their diverging view, hence federalism is experienced.

Health care is the care and restoration of health by preventing the disease from occurring and getting proper treatment. The Obama care policy is paramount to the American people as it attempt to provide inexpensive and accessible health care to all while ensuring the insurance covers they take are standardized for affordability.

Erin Ryan (2012) Federalism and the tug of war within. Oxford

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