Policemen of the World

Policemen of the World

Policemen of the World.

Policemen of the World: The USA emerged as a superpower after the World War II, which was driven by rapid growth of the economy, overpowered military forces and development of international political power leading to the growth of the strong political power of the country.

This war resulted in the country being a super power in the world dominance in the economy. The country gained the status of being a superpower from the state of being the world strongest economy and as the world’s largest producer of goods and services.

There are several factors that led the country to be a superpower, in particular the military force emerged as a world best military force after the World War II. The military development and use of nuclear power in the US. Has led to the positioning of the country as the world military superpower.

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The rise of the status of the U.S has greatly affected the way and the manner of selection of the leaders in the congress and in the white house.

The country requires leaders who are able to deliver leadership to the people. In propelling the country forward and in maintaining the status of the country as the world super power.

There were several factors that contributed to the rise of the United States as the world superpower country both in the economy and in the military. Notably, good leadership and innovativeness led the country to be considered a superpower in the world.


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