Police Officer Stress

Police stress is the negative pressure associated with police work. Some of the duties of police put them under a lot of pressure causing them to become stressed. Police are not superhuman, and some of the work they do makes them to develop stress causing depression and in extreme cases suicide. Police are exposed to certain difficult situations and sometimes they have to deal with hostile pubic, and this causes serious job stress (Larsen, 1995). In Canada, police officers are well paid but there are still many cases of police stress, absenteeism, and suicides (Kyle, 2008). This has become a major concern to law enforcement agency and the need to do more that just increasing the pay of police officers.

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There is a will to change the certain factors to reduce police stress in Canada. In 2012, a report, In the Line of Duty, outlined suffering police undergoes in line of duty and suggested several recommendations. The report highlighted major concerns and Ontario Provincial Police has developed several programs to prevent stress in the police. Provincial government is coming up with programs to enhance performance of officers.

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