Police Misconduct in Canada

Police conduct may be witnessed in various ways which include brutality; physical or emotional abuse of the citizens, and corruption issues related to ethics such as taking bribes. The police are the security professionals that citizens should feel comfortable to report crimes to and seek assistance in relation to security matters. Corruption is an issue that touches on ethical behavior and policies that are used in organizations. There are good policemen that exist in the police force; but there are those that give the police force a bad image in relation to the society. This paper will look at the potential strategies that can be used to minimize corruption with special attention to the Canadian police force.

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The police system in Canada should invest in regular and consistent education into values that are important in the community, and parameters that contribute to those values being maintained. If the police are aware of the cultural, religious, family and different gender related values of the communities where they work, they are likely to be more understanding of the people that they work with and for. The understanding would prevent any cases of involving corruption for personal gains (Selick, 2012).

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