Poetry Explication Paper

Poetry Explication Paper

Poetry Explication Paper.

Poetry Explication Paper: “If We Die”  by Claude McKay is a great poem because it reveals the deep feeling that was portrayed during the period in the early 20th century, of conflict between the white and the blacks in America.

During this period racism riot were experience when the blacks and the whites attacked each other.  The author of the poem provides a voice about the attack to the masses.

This Renaissance caused by African-American migration from the Caribbean and Manhattan  and the military personnel who proud of their military escapades after  returning world war I.

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were living a ruthless life. The author argues that slavery has widened the gap the white man who was the oppressor and the black man who was being oppressed. The poem brings a message of hope to the black that slavery will end as the population of people increases and they will be enlightene

The oppressors will lose hold of the block because of the pressure (Stanford 98). The poem provokes the listener to make a choice between death and liberty. And influence cowardice people to face fight that they are about to embark.

The poem is great because it addresses the sense of evil that bring misery to the people and bring the sense that all people are equal and have equal rights, therefore discrimination issues should not be a barrier in achieving the universal objective of togetherness.


Stanford, Karin L. If We Must Die: African American Voices on War and Peace. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008.

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