Poem \”Lost Sister\” by Cathy Song

Poem \"Lost Sister\" by Cathy Song

Poem \”Lost Sister\” by Cathy Song

Poem \”Lost Sister\” by Cathy Song: The lost Sister is part of Cathy song. The poem describes the woes of a woman who has abandoned her identity and moved to a new country only to realize that her ethnicity is part of her. The woman is in China in the first part of the poem. In China, the women freedoms are limited. They are not allowed to move around.

The woman is against the traditions and rebels her society’s rules and moves to another country to gain her freedom. In the second part, the woman is a new country and she finally gained her freedom. In the new country, she can move around but she feels that something is missing.

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In some ways, Song addresses her own resistance to being strictly an Asian-American poet in “Lost Sister”… (Robisch)”She is a Chinese Korean hence she is not fully western or fully eastern, and she must have some difficulties in identifying her true identity.

When a person migrates in a new country, they experience cultural shock. They must learn to integrate a new culture, and their identity is still part of them. Embracing another culture along with one’s culture is not always easy and takes time. The poem encourages people to embrace their identity.

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