Poem Analysis

Poem Analysis

Poem Analysis

Written works depict the experience of the author. The author is always familiar with the story they are writing hence bring out the point strongly. In the poem, The Road not Taken by Many, Robert Frost depicts the regret that Robert had. Robert was forty years old when he wrote the poem and he is regretting the decision that he did not make.

It is believed that Robert had enrolled in the university many times, but he never completed and got a degree. The poem must reflect his regret in the decision he had made in his life.

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Life presents people with choices but sometimes it is difficult to make the right choice. Robert Frost was at his forty’s, and he is reflecting on decisions he had made. He is speaking to young people to think fully before making any choice because it will define them at some point. Conversely, Red Red Rose is describing love. People who are in love can relate to the poem.

The poem shows the beauty of love. Robert Burn was charming, and he talked about love in most of his poems. The poem depicts his personal experiences. Both poems address issues that people face daily and reflect personal experiences of the authors.

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