Plato: The Apology

Plato: The Apology

Plato: The Apology

The philosophical teachings of Socrates result in a number of issues amongst different groups of people in Athens.  Some people feel irritated by the statements Socrates makes and hence they oppose him. However, the activities make the Athens youth to view Socrates as an important part of them as he offers to help them by educating them. It is this philosophical teaching that forms the basis of his trail in the court and later his death. Socrates however demonstrate art to show that perceptions that people have over his teachings are not true, but as a result of their misunderstanding.

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These are some of the accusations that his opponents use to have him tried in the court. Socrates appears to be so convinced that his teachings are of great impact to the society to the extent of accepting the verdict of death. It is evident from the point of view that Socrates is not guilty and had no intention to corrupt the youth or even show no recognition to the gods the people of Athens pray. His main aim was to help the young people so that they could be people of substances in the future society. Instead of apologizing, he views himself as an important person to the society as he claim that the state could go to deep sleep if he were not there.

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